IFES World Student Day Prayer

We’re praying for Africa & the World.

Every year on the third Friday of October, we join our affiliate movement – the International Fellowship of Evangelical Students (IFES) in prayer for the work of student ministry and the lives of students across the globe.

This year is no different. Join us we pray regardless of our geographic location.

Watch & Pray

Our World Student Day Prayer took place via Zoom on October 16, 2021. 

Feel free to watch below and pray along in the comfort of your own home or campus residence as we lean in on the needs of students and the work of student ministry across Africa and the globe. 

More about SCO

Our vision is to build students in South Africa into communities of disciples transformed by Jesus Christ, impacting the School, the University, the Church and society for the glory of God.
We seek to serve Christ by developing opportunities for students in South Africa to be transformed by Him into effective Christians for today’s world.


  • Evangelism
  • Courses & Seminars (short)
  • Sport & Recreation

What's Next?


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Check out our upcoming National Conference, taking place this December in the Western Cape Province.


Check out more of our virtual talks and events via our SCO YouTube channel.